NPR 1,300.00

Pro-PL Protein Powder is a nutritional supplement for pregnant and lactating women. Pro pl powder is a complete nutrition in pregnancy and lactation, has 3 unique advantages, it is enriched with Protein, DHA (Docosahexanoic Acid), GLA (Gama-Linoelic acid) and 28 essential Vitamins and Minerals.

  • Pro pl protein powder provides overall nourishment to the mother and the fetus
  • It helps in managing the weight gain
  • Helps in the development of brain and the vision
  • Helps in skeletal, cardiovascular and body system development
  • Pro-PL is a unique combination with scientifically proven ingredients, providing well balanced nourishment throughout pregnancy and lactation
  • Helps to prevent pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH), preterm delivery, preeclampsia and IUGR (Intrauterine Growth Retardation).


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